Tutorial "Wink"

Work number 003 “Win

Screen when editing is complete:

Use the same image for both the left and right images and the background image.

The red semi-transparent area is the fixed mask area.
The green semi-transparent area is the contour mask area.

 Setting the path:

First, specify the path along the map in image [1].
After that, move the path of image [2] in the direction in which the mabuta closes.

Fixed area mask settings:

Set the part that does not move as a fixed mask area.

Contour mask area settings:

In order to prevent the pupils from moving when the mabuta opens and closes, set the visible part of the pupils (inside the path) as a contour mask.

By setting the same image as the background image, the background part corresponding to the part set in the contour mask will be displayed preferentially.

Setting background image:

As explained above, in order to keep the eyes from moving, set the same image as the edited image as the background image.

Parameter settings:

The important points in the setting items are to set "Rendering method" to "Move" and check "Enable fixed mask area" and "Compose background".

The result is the same whether you select ``Always display'' in ``Fixed area'' or ``Move the path that overlaps the fixed area'' in ``Background composition.''

If you don't check "Loop", it won't become a wink.

Please adjust other items depending on the situation.

Press the run button to create a wink movie.