Tutorial "Frog"

Work number 001 "Frog"

Screen when editing is complete:

Only one image is used, and the same image is used on the left and right sides.

The red semi-transparent area is the fixed mask area.

Setting the path:

Set the path using the following steps.
First, specify the path to move the part of image [1].
At the same time, a path is also set for image [2].

A path is also set for the part of the torso that does not move, but this is to protect the surrounding torso from being distorted as the arm moves.

Next, by moving the path on the image [2] side, you can move the image around that path.

Fixed area mask settings:

Set the part that does not move as a fixed mask area.

This time I set it for image [1], but it is also possible to set it for image [2].
Also, if a fixed mask area exists in both images, the image with the lower number [1] will be given priority.

Parameter settings:

The important settings items are to set "Rendering method" to "Move" and check "Enable fixed mask area".

When you press the run button, a frog movie will be created.