Product information

Automatically detects faces from captured human images, divides them into portrait size, and generates a morphing video.

Instantly automatically generate continuous morphing videos from family and group photos.

A portrait image with a uniform size is saved in the face list and can be shared externally as a profile material.

It is possible to convert low-resolution images to super-resolution using AI functions.

This is a tool app that loads multiple image files and performs morphing processing to create videos and composite images.

With conventional morphing software, the background changes at the same time as the object changes, so it was necessary to unify the background with a solid color.

"Morph Rush" allows you to morph only the necessary parts and combine them with any background image.

"Face Morph" is a tool for creating morphing movies specialized for human faces.

Continuous animation from two or more people to infinity is possible.

Just by importing a face image, location information such as eyes and nose is automatically set, allowing you to easily create a movie.

This is a tool app for creating movies by loading multiple image files.