morph rush

Compatible with Mac OSX10.10 or later

"Morph Rush" is a tool app that loads multiple image files and performs morphing processing to create videos and composite images.

With conventional morphing software, the background changes at the same time as the object changes, so it was necessary to unify the background with a solid color.
""Morph Rush" allows you to morph only the necessary parts and combine them with any background image.

Continuous morphing of multiple images is possible.
Even if the display size of the image you use is different, there is no need to process it in advance thanks to the functions of specifying parts of the image and enlarging/reducing it.

It is possible to create a video from a single still image.
You can make your eyes wink or move your limbs from a single image.
Of course, it is also possible to combine it with a background image.

You can also edit still images, such as pasting part of another image onto a part of the image.
For example, if you wanted to change a human's eyes into cat's eyes, you would traditionally use a paint tool to cut out the cat's eyes and then perform transformation processing such as enlarging, reducing, and rotating them to fit the human's eyes. , I was working on pasting by specifying anti-aliasing, but depending on the performance of the tool, a certain amount of experience is required.
In the case of "Morph Lash", more natural processing can be easily performed.

Movie formats that can be output

  • QuickTime (mov)

Image file formats that can be output

  • JPEG (jpg)
  • PNG (png)
  • TIFF (tiff)

Morph Rush operating environment

  • MAC OSX 10.10 or later

Morph Rush features

"Morph Rush" supports all the functions considered necessary among the functions of conventional morphing software.
Additionally, some unique features have been added.

Main features of Morph Rush:

  • Outline extraction of morphing part and synthesis of background image
  • Continuous morphing of multiple images
  • Morphing (warp) only the shape
  • Specify part of image

Upgrade to regular version

"Morph Rush" can be upgraded to the regular version by in-app purchase.

Restrictions before billing:

A SAMPLE watermark will be added to the rendered movie and the output movie/still image.
There are no restrictions regarding functions or operations.

Background image composition

Create a movie by morphing a part of an image and compositing it with a background image.

Basic morphing

A common morph that morphs the entire image and replaces it with the next image.

Still image animation

Create an animation from a single still image.

Image editing

Combine part of an image with another image.

~ Collection of works ~

We are exhibiting many movies and processed images created with "Morph Rush".
There is also a simple explanation on how to create it, so please refer to it.