Mix faces

Compatible with iOS 17.4 or later, iPhone, iPad

Mixfaces overview

You can easily create continuous morphing videos by automatically detecting faces from multiple human images taken with a camera or imported from a photo library, and dividing them into portrait-sized images.

Portrait images with a uniform size are saved in the face list and can be shared externally as profile materials in addition to morphing video materials.

quick start

Shoot two or more people reflected in the camera, and a morphing video will be created fully automatically at the same time as the shooting, and a preview screen will be displayed.

Since the morphing video is played at the same time as the photo is taken, it is perfect as a performance tool for parties.

Work data is created, so you can make minor adjustments if necessary after the video plays.

Take an image of a person.

Automatic detection of face position

A morphing video will be generated and a preview screen will be displayed.

work data

When you import an image of a person via quick start or camera/photo, new work data is created and the work data screen is displayed.

On the work data screen, you can add or delete facial images, adjust the position of facial parts, adjust the video playback speed, etc.

face data

Face images imported into work data are saved individually in the face list and can be used as additional materials for other work data. Facial images can be saved and used in photo libraries, etc.

You can open the editing screen and correct the position of face parts and adjust the image quality.

Furthermore, it is possible to convert low-resolution images to super-resolution using AI functions.

Unwanted backgrounds can be easily removed using the AI ​​function.

Super resolution and background removal

In addition to each part of the face, it is also possible to morph the hair area.