face morph

Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, iPhone, iPad

Face morph overview

"Face Morph" is a tool for creating morphing movies specialized for human faces.

Continuous animation from two or more people to infinity is possible.

Just by importing a face image, location information such as eyes and nose is automatically set, allowing you to easily create a movie.
You can also manually fine-tune location information to improve morphing accuracy.

The imported facial images are saved within the app and can be freely rearranged to instantly create a morphing movie.

You can save the created movie to your camera roll.
You can also save a still image at a specified location in the movie.


When morphing two people's facial images

You can create a movie by simply setting two facial images on the Work space screen and pressing the Run button.

Specifically, follow the steps below.

1) Press the New creation button on the top screen to display the Work space screen.

2) Press the Add button to display the Face list screen.

3) Select the thumbnail displayed on the Face list screen, or import a new image using the Add button.

4) Repeat step 3) to import the second image.

5) Press the Run button to create the movie.

*By repeating step 4), continuous morphing of multiple people (3 or more people) is possible.